Welcome to “Why is the PM crying?"

First, what on earth are you even looking at?

This is my attempt to share some of what I’ve picked up about product management in the years I’ve been doing it. There are lots of tips and tricks, and even a few hacks to be a better product manager. I wish someone would have told me some of these when I started doing product management.

Why the title?

Really, it’s just my joking attempt at some of the stuff I see that makes me cry a little bit on the inside. No harm is meant in describing anything I write here. Instead I think it’s a way of trying to shed some light on things we can all get better at in the product management community.

OK, why “PM"

Eh, it’s just easier than spelling out “product manager." Just let me be lazy from time to time, ok?

What is product management?

Good question. Product management, like business development, is defined a little differently than anywhere you go. Because of that, forget the title, and think about it in terms of the role inside of the organization. Product management is the bridge between sales, marketing, engineering and support. Product management is the execution engine for the strategy of a business. It balances the needs of the various areas of the business and decides how and what gets built and how and why it gets released and managed.

What should I expect to see here?

  • A few war stories
  • A few more success stories
  • Hints and tips for being a better product manager
  • Resources for product managers
  • Probably some memes I find funny

Thanks for reading and please reach out with any input, feedback, comments or questions you have!