100% Complete

I’ve been meaning to post an update for the last few days, but I’ve taken a decent amount of time away from my computer for the holiday weekend.

On Thursday evening I finished day 10- that makes 100 miles! This was easily the hardest training I’ve ever done. 10 days of training with no rest is no joke. Besides the feeling of accomplishment, being in training this much gave me lots and lots of time to just think.

Insert unsubtle subject shift to product management here.

One thing I’ve been thinking a lot about, in contrast to what I wrote when this training was at 25%, is about managing product managers. I wrote about one aspect that helps product managers rise to the top is their willingness to grind. Given the velocity of certain projects, their strategic priority, their costs, the customer needs, whatever, sometimes it takes 10 consecutive days of just grinding it out to make the product go live.

As a manager of product managers it’s our jobs to ensure when we see our people grinding it out and giving their all to recognize their efforts and to give them breaks. It means giving them unexpected days off- telling them to go home early after they ship. It means deliberately reducing their workloads for a week or so sometimes to make sure they have enough time to breathe. For top performers, the best product management often comes in those periods of rest and downtime. It allows them to sit back, reflect and think. Much like in running, the growing happens during the rest periods.